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X Company season 3

X company season 3 poster tv cbc

Episodes: 10

Original Title: X Company

Country, Channel: Canada, CBC

Release Date: January 11, 2017

Genres: ,

Creators: Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern

Directors: Grant Harvey

Cast: Sara Garcia, Jack Fayter, Jamie Maclachlan, Trevor White, Basil Eidenbenz, Dylan Schmid, Vinzenz Wagner, Evelyne Brochu, Jack Laskey, Warren Brown, Connor Price, Dustin Milligan, Lara Jean Chorostecki, Hugh Dillon, Livia Matthes, Karen Gagnon

Awards: 1 win & 8 nominations.

Language: English

Runtime: 44

X Company Season 3 will focus on the next set of secret operations conducted by a team of highly efficient agents trained in Canada during WWII. One of the best historical dramas released by CBC, X Company blends together great acting, intriguing plot, and interesting characters to create an outstanding thriller that takes place during World War II.
Our heroes have been through hell during previous episodes. After extensive training, the team was fully operational and moved to Europe where they started their own small but impactful war against Nazis. The team successfully captured multiple enemy agents and acquired incredibly important intel during their time in Europe, but they also faced lots of difficulties. Aurora tried her best to maintain the healthy level of moral in the squad, but it was not enough to bring back the faith the team once had for Aurora. Now, the team will have to face consequences of previous attacks on their camp and try to survive another series of dangerous tasks.
With each successful operation, the war is a bit closer to its eventual end, but the team still has a lot of work to do. X Company will have to bring out their best talents and incredible determination in order to continue their fight. Despite their best efforts, German intelligence has found out that someone is disrupting their infrastructure and the team is under an immense pressure. Will our heroes avoid the dangers of war?

X Company season 3 tv series download full episodes:

Episode 1: Creon vs. Ixion AVI (360p, 438.7 MB): MP4 (400p, 234.9 MB): MKV (720p, 912.1 MB):

Episode 2: Masquerade AVI (360p, 503.6 MB): MP4 (400p, 256.7 MB): MKV (720p, 851.7 MB):

Episode 3: Hijacking Hitler AVI (360p, 412.2 MB): MP4 (400p, 221.6 MB): MKV (720p, 746.0 MB):

Episode 4: Promises AVI (360p, 562.4 MB): MP4 (400p, 308.5 MB): MKV (720p, 994.0 MB):

Episode 5: Frontiers AVI (360p, 546.2 MB): MP4 (400p, 292.0 MB): MKV (720p, 987.7 MB):

Episode 6: Supply and Demand AVI (360p, 459.6 MB): MP4 (400p, 238.7 MB): MKV (720p, 930.6 MB):

Episode 7: The Hunt AVI (360p, 348.3 MB): MP4 (400p, 310.9 MB): MKV (720p, 1.0 GB):

Episode 8: Naqam AVI (360p, 446.4 MB): MP4 (400p, 234.2 MB): MKV (720p, 1.0 GB):

Episode 9: Friendly Fire AVI (360p, 390.5 MB): MP4 (400p, 216.4 MB): MKV (720p, 857.1 MB):

Episode 10: Remembrance AVI (360p, 430.8 MB): MP4 (400p, 242.0 MB): MKV (720p, 908.1 MB):

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