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Teachers season 2

Teachers season 2 poster TV-Land

Episodes: 20

Original Title: Teachers

Country, Channel: USA, TV Land

Release Date: January 17, 2017


Creators: The Katydids

Cast: Caitlin Barlow, Katy Colloton, Cate Freedman, Kate Lambert, Katie O’Brien, Kathryn Ren?©e Thomas, Tim Bagley, Ryan Caltagirone, Mataeo Mingo, Eileen Montelione

Language: English

Runtime: 30

Teachers season 2 is a continuation of a brave and original show that started in 2016 based on the success of a very well-received web-series that made millions of people all over the world truly wonder about how actually elementary school teachers behave. This is truly a great example of how a group of talented individuals turns a promising online project into something spectacular and makes critics satisfied with bot the quality of production and all-around great performances.
Our beloved teachers with personalities that we’ve come to love in the previous season will return to us in this show full of gags and sudden jokes. This time, the whole school waits for some changes. Some of new changes will be welcomed by our teachers, some will be met with aggression, and some will simply bring madness to the school. We can also expect some new teachers to arrive to the school very soon and start messing around and bringing chaos to the established team of Fillmore Elementary School.
More humor, more weird jokes, more interesting dialogues, and much more fun will wait for you in the extended 2nd season of teachers. 20 episodes of pure fun? Yes, please! Grab your popcorn and prepare to watch this amazing TV show!

Teachers season 2 tv series download full episodes:

Episode 1: First Day Back AVI (360p, 285.0 MB): MP4 (400p, 174.0 MB): MKV (720p, 506.1 MB):

Episode 2: Stranger Danger AVI (360p, 269.1 MB): MP4 (400p, 163.4 MB): MKV (720p, 529.1 MB):

Episode 3: School Sweet School AVI (360p, 266.6 MB): MP4 (400p, 151.3 MB): MKV (720p, 490.2 MB):

Episode 4: Held Back AVI (360p, 267.3 MB): MP4 (400p, 156.9 MB): MKV (720p, 518.9 MB):

Episode 5: Snap Judgement AVI (360p, 247.9 MB): MP4 (400p, 164.1 MB): MKV (720p, 541.5 MB):

Episode 6: Brokebitch Mountain AVI (360p, 263.6 MB): MP4 (400p, 153.7 MB): MKV (720p, 508.7 MB):

Episode 7: Thirty-One and Done AVI (360p, 249.2 MB): MP4 (400p, 149.5 MB): MKV (720p, 502.7 MB):

Episode 8: Getting Drilled AVI (360p, 262.6 MB): MP4 (400p, 193.5 MB): MKV (720p, 636.2 MB):

Episode 9: In Security AVI (360p, 258.9 MB): MP4 (400p, 260.4 MB): MKV (720p, 603.6 MB):

Episode 10: Lunchtime! The Musical AVI (360p, 308.6 MB): MP4 (400p, 211.9 MB): MKV (720p, 695.3 MB):

Episode 11: Dosey Don't AVI (360p, 169.3 MB): MP4 (400p, 229.2 MB): MKV (720p, 384.8 MB):

Episode 12: Passive Eggressive AVI (360p, 168.1 MB): MP4 (400p, 227.3 MB): MKV (720p, 301.5 MB):

Episode 13: Dire Straights AVI (360p, 167.4 MB): MP4 (400p, 226.3 MB): MKV (720p, 364.4 MB):

Episode 14: Nightmare on Fillmore Street AVI (360p, 167.4 MB): MP4 (400p, 226.4 MB):

Episode 15: Let It Flow AVI (360p, 166.7 MB): MP4 (400p, 153.1 MB): MKV (720p, 498.0 MB):

Episode 16: Let It Flow AVI (360p, 154.4 MB): MP4 (400p, 140.0 MB): MKV (720p, 405.1 MB):

Episode 17: Third Wheel AVI (360p, 156.4 MB): MP4 (400p, 211.5 MB): MKV (720p, 316.2 MB):

Episode 18: Don't Go Pranking My Heart AVI (360p, 124.1 MB): MP4 (400p, 151.4 MB): MKV (720p, 432.9 MB):

Episode 19: Don't Go Pranking My Heart AVI (360p, 127.0 MB): MP4 (400p, 146.8 MB): MKV (720p, 427.4 MB):

Episode 20: Labor Pains AVI (360p, 129.6 MB): MP4 (400p, 133.3 MB): MKV (720p, 385.1 MB):

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