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Swedish Dicks season 1

Swedish Dicks season 2 poster tv Pop
Rating IMDb [JSON_ERROR_SYNTAX][imdblive:rating]/10 from [JSON_ERROR_SYNTAX][imdblive:votes] votes

Episodes: 10

Original Title: Swedish Dicks

Country, Channel: USA, Sweden / Pop TV

Release Date: August 02, 2017

Genres: ,

Creators: Viking Brothers, Andrew Lowery, Peter Settman

Directors: Peter Settman

Cast: Peter Stormare, Johan Glans, Vivian Bang, Felisha Cooper, Keanu Reeves, Stephanie Koenig, Traci Lords, J.P. Manoux, Suzanne Ford

MPAA Rating: TV-MA

Language: English, Swedish

Runtime: 30

Swedish Dicks season 1 keeps growing on its audience and challenging many staple ideas about the way we make procedural TV shows. A comedic story about two absolutely incompetent (seemingly) master detectives during their righteous crusade against all crime – this is exactly what some people lack in their lives. You won’t believe how interesting a good satire with enough absurd can be. This is a great and interesting take on the very nature of procedural shows and it just wants to see what happens when the duet of main protagonists is not as competent and charming as in other shows that it tries to mock.
Swedish Dicks season 1 will offer a new set of incredibly stupid and absurd cases that no one else is willing to take. What separates this couple of detectives from other duos we have been enjoying on screen is that they do like to be pompous and smart, but in reality their prowess is limited by their plain stupidity and even arrogance. This is a great show for those who enjoy a good bit of comedy in their shows and want to witness plain stupidity happen in front of them. Absurd, incompetence, and a hefty amount of humor – this is a shake that will make anyone interested. If you like series like that, you will love Swedish Dicks.

Swedish Dicks season 1 tv series download full episodes:

Episode 1: AVI (360p, 195.8 MB): MP4 (400p, 186.3 MB):

Episode 2: AVI (360p, 202.5 MB): MP4 (400p, 156.3 MB):

Episode 3: AVI (360p, 193.1 MB): MP4 (400p, 165.9 MB):

Episode 4: AVI (360p, 211.6 MB): MP4 (400p, 176.8 MB):

Episode 5: AVI (360p, 190.6 MB): MP4 (400p, 156.1 MB):

Episode 6: AVI (360p, 199.2 MB): MP4 (400p, 226.7 MB):

Episode 7: AVI (360p, 186.6 MB): MP4 (400p, 164.3 MB):

Episode 8: AVI (360p, 197.0 MB): MP4 (400p, 157.9 MB):

Episode 9: AVI (360p, 187.4 MB): MP4 (400p, 151.4 MB):

Episode 10: AVI (360p, 217.4 MB): MP4 (400p, 177.0 MB):

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