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Romanzo Criminale (2008) is an awesome and breathtaking TV Show directed by N/A with contains a lot of great actors and actresses in his best performance too. Romanzo Criminale released on 10 Nov 2008 in theater with N/Autes in length, Romanzo Criminale get 8.6 out of 10 average quality score according to imdb users, I think Romanzo Criminale (2008–2010)is one of the best episode TV Show can be recommended for any one who likes watching TV Show with a riveting theme. Follow the link where to find Romanzo Criminale (2008) full episode.

Romanzo Criminale (2008–2010)

Romanzo Criminale (2008) Synopsis: A criminal known as Lebanese has a dream: to conquer the underworld of Rome. To carry out this feat without precedent he puts together a ruthless and highly organized gang. Their progress ...

Romanzo Criminale (2008) More Info

Episode Title : Romanzo Criminale (2008–2010)
Released Date : 10 Nov 2008
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Runtime : N/A
Total Season : 2
Movie casts : Vinicio Marchioni, Alessandro Roja, Marco Bocci, Daniela Virgilio
Director : N/A
Writer : N/A
Language : Italian
Country : Italy
Rating : 8.6
Votes : 5,069

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