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Pulse season 1

Pulse season 1 poster

Episodes: 8

Original Title: Pulse

Country, Channel: USA, ABC TV

Release Date: July 20, 2017


Creators: Mel Hill, Michael Miller, Kris Wyld, Kristen Dunphy, Mandy McCarthy

Directors: Peter Andrikidis, Ana Kokkinos, Jennifer Leacey

Cast: Melissa Bonne, Claire van der Boom, Penny Cook, Arka Das, Andrea Demetriades, Renee Lim, Liam McIntyre, Blessing Mokgohloa, Susie Porter, Pallavi Sharda, Dalip Sondhi, Owen Teale, Lara Lightfoot, Troy Harrison

Language: English

Pulse season 1 is the first step of a new procedural medical TV show about a group of very talented and highly responsible doctors who have to work with limited resources in suburbs of big cities. The show will focus its attention of several medical specialists who work in a department of cardiosurgery. Talented surgeons and all-knowing experts will join their forces to save as many people as possible. The show will build interesting narratives by adding more drama and thrill by introducing various recurring characters and implementing a lot of dramatic tension in the plot. The very nature of the department means that criminals and politicians will be involved inevitably.
Pulse season 1 is a story of a surgeon with an inspiring story. After surviving a kidney failure earlier in her life, Frankie had to undergo a transplantation and survived only due to the talent of a surgeon who performed the operation. Frankie decided to become a surgeon herself and help people who have similar issues. The show is produced by Australian studio and showcases some of the best Australian TV talent. With its good cast, creative writing, and a story based on real events, the show promises a lot of fun to its viewers.

Pulse season 1 tv series download full episodes:

Episode 1: AVI (360p, 457.0 MB): MP4 (400p, 286.8 MB): MKV (720p, 808.7 MB):

Episode 2: AVI (360p, 457.0 MB): MP4 (400p, 689.3 MB): MKV (720p, 1.7 GB):

Episode 3: AVI (360p, 173.2 MB): MP4 (400p, 258.6 MB): MKV (720p, 1.6 GB):

Episode 4: AVI (360p, 465.0 MB): MP4 (400p, 685.1 MB): MKV (720p, 1.6 GB):

Episode 5: AVI (360p, 431.7 MB): MP4 (400p, 673.4 MB): MKV (720p, 1.6 GB):

Episode 6: AVI (360p, 397.1 MB): MP4 (400p, 689.7 MB): MKV (720p, 1.7 GB):

Episode 7: AVI (360p, 411.5 MB): MP4 (400p, 614.7 MB): MKV (720p, 689.9 MB):

Episode 8: AVI (360p, 494.1 MB): MP4 (400p, 686.4 MB): MKV (720p, 796.1 MB):

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