Privacy Policy

We are grateful when you place your personal information on our website. In response for your trust we promise to keep your personal data in safety.
Everything you give us we will use in order you could be an active user of the website and to analyze the traffic of SeriesTV. Information data provided by you is kept in our database. You username is unique, and password together with other personal information, inquired during the process of registration, is confidential.
Note: only registered users can be “active”: to write comments, use chat, download subtitles and so on. Moreover, it is important for SeriesTV to have your contact data in order to inform you about changes in our website. We inform you that we don’t allow third parties to collect your personal contact details. Also, you can delete you account wherever you want.
If SeriesTV will update the Privacy Policy in the future, all the significant information will be posted in the website.
If you have any questions, you can contact us by email: