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Ingobernable season 1

Ingobernable season 1 poster tv Netflix
Rating IMDb 7.3/10 from 1233 votes

Original Title: Ingobernable

Country, Channel: Mexico, Netflix

Release Date: March 24, 2017


Creators: Natassja Ybarra, Sheerly Avni, Epigmenio Ibarra, Anaí López, Marcelo Tobar, Verónica Velasco

Cast: Marina de Tavira, Mitzi Mabel Cadena, Apollo Garza, Diego Cadavid, Fernando Luján, Kate del Castillo, Leah Allers, Marianna Burelli

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 40

Ingobernable season 1 is the start of a show that had a massive success in Mexico and showed that Latin-American TV products are not necessarily boring romance stories. A strongly written drama about a powerful woman who decides to change both her personal life and the direction where the whole country is headed. Well-performing cast, intriguing storytelling, and outstanding characters – these are main advantages of Ingobernable season 1.
Netflix is well known for its seemingly supernatural ability to find great content for its users. Just a couple of years ago we did not even hear about high quality Mexican TV shows. Now, we have Ingornerable, a critically acclaimed incredibly intense political drama with strong performances and lots of things to say about current political and social situation in Mexico.
Emilia Uquiza spent years to support her husband on his ascendance to power. However, she quickly disappointed in his amoral use of power and badly constructed management. Betrayal, corruption, and shattered love – Emilia will have to face them all.
If you love well-told pseudo-biographical dramas with lots of intriguing plot turns and logical character development, Ingobernable is exactly what you need in your life.

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