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DuckTales season 1

DuckTales season 1 tv poster Disney-XD
Rating IMDb 8.3/10 from 1024 votes

Episodes: 1

Original Title: DuckTales

Country, Channel: USA, Disney XD

Release Date: August 12, 2017

Genres: , ,

Creators: Francisco Angones, Matt Youngberg

Directors: Dana Terrace

Cast: Paul F. Tompkins, Tony Anselmo, Eric Bauza, Beck Bennett, Josh Brener, Corey Burton, Keith Ferguson, Kimiko Glenn, Allison Janney, Margo Martindale, Kate Micucci, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bobby Moynihan, Toks Olagundoye, Danny Pudi, Jim Rash, Ben Schwartz, David Tennant

MPAA Rating: TV-Y7

Language: English

DuckTales season 1 is the beginning of the reimagination process for one of the most beloved animated shows ever released by Disney. DuckTales is a notorious series about an overly rich duck and his nephews. Their brave family solves mysteries, prevents crime, fights against monsters, and tries to protect the vault of Scrooge. The concept with so many amazing and unique characters who participated in all sorts of nonsense became very popular amongst children. However, it only lasted for 4 seasons alas we received 100 episodes of pure fun. The idea was not forgotten and Disney most certainly had plans of the series revival for a long time. Recently, they have been announced.
DuckTales season 1 is a complete reboot of the original, but with very small and careful changes applied to the source material. The creators decided to remain as close to the original successful show as possible and even re-released the title song performed by another singer. The vibe and the main theme of the show (the family of Indiana Jones like characters) are well preserved, but the animation style and color scheme were updated according to newer standards. A lot of CGI is combined with hand-drawn animation.

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