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The most favourite activity for a majority of people is to watch TV shows. Thrillers, dramas, horrors, love stories, comedies, actions provide any emotion you want to have. Characters you want to watch will entertain you, giving the right answers when you are “lost”, raising your mood when you are sad and teaching you things you never knew.
We want to give you these emotions.
Definitely, the most famous and all-welcome TV shows are American. However, tastes differ. That’s why, using this service, you can find any series you want: American, Canadian, Australian, French and British.
In order to make you spend your time just with the benefit, we made a comfortable and easy-to-use navigation: click on the letter to find name of the available TV shows, when you want to find something, or on the logo of the channel, if you want to see the list of TV series, provided by your favourite service. If you look for the TV show you know, use the search, provided by our website.
If you want to be an active user, writing comments, downloading subtitles and viewing the information left by other people, register your account. Therefore, everything you want will be available with one click.
SeriesTV is working for you. Getting the Premium account, you will have more opportunities to download TV shows fast and without annoying advertisement. All the income from this function will be used for the development of our service. Be a part of it, help us to keep the website alive, and you will get into the world of the most remarkable and amazing TV series.
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