Better Things season 1

Episodes: 10

Better Things Season 1 will take us on a daring journey through the life of a single mother of three. With pink glasses being thrown away years ago, she lives a life full of stress, weird conversations, and awkward situations. It is hard to raise someone properly in such circumstances, but Sam Fox is not […]

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Thunderbirds Are Go season 3

Episodes: 9

The 3rd season of Thunderbirds Are Go tells us about one interesting and amazing story. The plot of this fantastic cartoon takes the viewer to the distant future, where people have long enjoyed flying in space and can easily fly from planet to planet. But such unique possibilities make some problems for them, because the […]

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American Housewife season 1

Episodes: 23

The first season of American Housewife series is not about superheroes and battles for humanity – it’s about the typical woman – a caring mother and loving wife. This confident housewife, Katie Otto, has three children, attentive husband, daily routine…and some extra kilograms. After moving in a new city, Westport, in order to give kids […]

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Grey’s Anatomy season 13

Episodes: 24

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 is a great continuation of a praised and celebrated TV show. The life in Seattle Grace Hospital is as energetic and eventful as ever and the amount of intricate cases that dr. Meredith Grey has to solve just grows with every season. While many things in her life change gradually over […]

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Hawaii Five-0 season 7

Episodes: 25

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 seamlessly switches from the last season to the next one picking up the action right from the moment when the previous season ended. One of the most beloved American law enforcing squads is about to start uncovering more crimes! While McGarret was heavily wounded, he is not a soft guy who […]

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Homeland season 6

Episodes: 12

Homeland Season 6 will take us all on a continuation of a very intriguing journey that has been one of America’s favorite stories over the course of several years. A truly amazing story about military and intelligence professionals is still captivating and brings to us emotions and plot twists that can amaze the most demanding […]

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How to Get Away with Murder season 3

Episodes: 15

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 follows of the previous events when Annalise Keating started to read her lectures in Middleton University. With many things happening in her professional life, she should have had a small break in her personal life, but this is also far from being true. While Annalise tries to […]

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19-2 season 4

Episodes: 8

19-2 season 4 will most certainly keep you on the edge of your seat. One of the most eventful shows about Canadian police is about to return with more intriguing cases and more character development. The show has all merits of a good procedural show: likeable central characters, lots of interesting villains, and a compelling […]

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21 Thunder season 1

Episodes: 8

21 Thunder season 1 shoots out the show about a couple of dozens of promising sportsmen united into one pack that must try their hardest to win in every game and in every conceivable way. The world of sports is cruel to many and this show will try to show that the complexity of that […]

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Adam Ruins Everything season 2

Episodes: 22

Adam Ruins Everything season 2 keeps following a brave man who does not afraid to destroy false knowledge and shatter to pieces the most dangerous myths about the world around us. While having prejudices and believing some of the things about our world is completely fine, there are many reasons to focus really hard on […]

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